Kings Hill Christian Fellowship

To know Jesus Christ and to make him known

Frequently Asked Questions


Who comes to Kings Hill Christian Fellowship?

We currently have around 80 men, women and children coming on Sunday mornings. They are of all ages and backgrounds, reflecting Kings Hill and the surrounding areas.

What happens in Sunday services?

We begin all together, singing some songs, reading from the Bible and praying. After 20-30 minutes the children (0-14yrs) go off to age-appropriate groups for their own teaching and activities. The older young people and adults remain in the main hall for a talk from the Bible (20-30mins) and further singing.

Once a month, normally the first Sunday of the month, we stay together for the whole service. 

How often to you have communion?

We have communion where we take bread and wine (non-alcoholic) once a month, normally on the second Sunday of the month. This is open for all who are Christians to join in. We ask parents/guardians to take responsibility for their children, whether allowing them to take communion or not.

What does everyone wear?

There is no set dress code. Come in whatever you feel comfortable.

Will I be asked for money?

We take up an offering every week. This is primarily for those committed to the church to be able to give to the ongoing work of the church. If you are visiting, please be free to pass the bags on without contributing.

Will I be asked to do anything?

If you are visiting you will not be singled out. There may be times when we look for some participation of the congregation, in particular in Family Services, but you are free to opt out of anything you are not comfortable with.

Are there provisions for the hard of hearing or partially sighted?

Unfortunately because we use a community hall with no built-in sound system, there is no loop system in place. The words to all songs, together with the Bible reading, are projected onto a large screen at the front of the hall.