Kings Hill Christian Fellowship

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Safeguarding Training - 20mins

Please read this Safeguarding Policy Statement: statement


Please have a quick read about our process in the event of suspecting a safeguarding issue: process

Please answer the following questions - when you click 'send form' you will be returned to the Home Page. You will receive an email with your results in due course.

Who is responsible to prevent abuse to children?

the pastor

the safeguarding officer 

the parent 

all of us 

Where can you find a copy of the safeguarding policy?

on the information table on Sunday mornings 

on the Community Centre notice board 

in the youth hall  

in the church Welcome Pack 

Who else should you talk to apart from one of the safeguarding officers?

the pastor 

the child 

no one 

the child's parent 

Your name: 

Thank you for completing our safeguarding training.